Single’s Day Deals 2019

Whether you’re a fashion addict or a tech geek, the biggest shopping holiday of the year is right in front of your doorstep! We assure you to save big on all kinds of products with irresistible Single’s Day deals this year. collected the best discounts to spoil you this November. Hurry up and don’t miss your favourite items in the special Single’s Day sale.

Single's Day - What’s that?

Single's Day is a new shopping holiday which celebrates the pride of being single! Simply put, it is the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday. However, Single's Day has already become more successful than Black Friday and offers even more opportunities to save thanks to the thousands of Single's Day deals available! So, stay tuned - single or not - because you are in for some fantastic shopping opportunities!

When is Single's Day? Where does it come from?

Single's Day is celebrated every year on November 11th, which can also be written as follows: 11:11. The date was cleverly designed and picked to look like 4 solitary sticks representing celibacy. This year, Single's Day will fall on Monday. Kick off is at midnight and lasts for the next 24 hours. The history behind it? It all started as a joke when 4 students from China decided to celebrate being single and to buy themselves a present instead of suffering from the social stigma that being single can sometimes carry. Little did they know that this would become the most famous shopping day of the year, offering millions of shoppers the opportunity to enjoy huge discounts with thousands of Single's Day deals available!

Best Single's Day Deals - What benefits do I have on Single's Day?

Not convinced yet? Well, first of all, check out our website to discover our Single's Day coupons and vouchers to save even more on your next purchase! Then, let us help you find the very best Single's Day deals so that you can celebrate with the rest of the world and be savvy both money-wise and time-wise. For example, why not prepare your own shopping list beforehand? You know, the products you always wanted to buy but couldn’t quite justify splashing out on? This will be the best opportunity to get your hands on these goods at a reduced price. A great tip: why not already put all the items you’d like in your shopping cart? This way, you’ll be able to see straight away if these items will be part of the Single's Day Sale or not. Your check-out will also be faster!

Single's Day Sale – Which brands give Single's Day discounts in the UK?

Many shops will be offering some great Single's Day deals, and since we love to help you, we have listed some of the biggest brands that will be on top of their game for Single's Day. AliExpress will be one of the biggest players and you can find pretty much anything you want on their website, such as: phone accessories, the latest electronics, toys, fashion, computers, home appliances and more. Amazon will also be celebrating with Single's Day deals, meaning you will be sure to find exactly what you want! You will also enjoy Single's Day deals with : New Look, Dorothy Perkins, UGG, New Chic, GearBest, Happy Socks and many, many more!

Are there any Free Delivery Deals available on Single's Day?

Check out the Voucherbox website as there will be many vouchers available for Singles Day and some vouchers will definitely provide you free delivery. It is important to keep in mind that most goods you will purchase will be coming directly from China, so take into account the delivery time as well as the possible delivery fees involved. So here you go: Singles Day deals plus a free delivery voucher code means that being single has never been so sweet!